Ryan is an excellent instructor

Azzam passed his driving test

Ryan is an excellent instructor who will make sure you’re well prepared, confident and able to attempt your test to the best of your ability.

I found his prices to be very reasonable, his instructing style extremely professional and pleasant, and his knowledge comprehensive.

His vehicle is in excellent condition and ideal for learning and taking your test on.

My experience was brilliant because Ryan was patient, had confidence in me, and understood my weaknesses and where work was needed.

If you chose to go with Ryan, which is a great decision on your part, please trust him. He is your biggest supporter and will have faith in your abilities even when you might doubt them.

For me the bottom line wasn’t that Ryan wants you to do well and pass your test, the bottom line was that he wants you to be a good driver who drives safely.

10/10 if I had to do it all over again, it would be a pleasure to learn from Ryan.