Car Tracking

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    Black box trackingIt is quite common for teenagers to seek means of limiting the amount of parental interference in their everyday lives. Many look forward to the sense of freedom which comes after passing the driving test. However, some of the leading insurers are promoting the use of black box car tracking devices as a means of monitoring the driving behaviour of newly qualified motorists. These devices keep a constant track of speed and send automatic alerts to the parents of teenagers who drive irresponsibly. However, they do offer some notable benefits, as outlined in this blog.

    The young drivers who opt for the installation of car tracking technology pay considerably less for insurance. Some of the leading insurers even offer incentives for good driving behaviour.

    The likelihood of involvement in serious crashes is significantly reduced as the young drivers are aware that they are being monitored. Some leading motoring groups have claimed that black boxes should be fitted as standard for the assurance of road safety.

    A number of young drivers have said that they couldn’t have afforded to take to the roads if it hadn’t been for the option of relatively inexpensive black box insurance. They have adapted their driving behaviour for fear of being disciplined by their parents. The insurers have also threatened substantial fines for those young drivers who fail to keep to the rules of the road. A leading insurance expert said that the technology “is not about spying, it is about safety, the single most important factor when looking at young drivers.”

    The safety-conscious Road Masters team fully appreciate the importance of improving road safety. It is for this reason that we offer fully comprehensive training and only encourage learners to take their tests when we have complete confidence in their ability behind the wheel. We also encourage our valued customers to consider the option of black box insurance.