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    Black boxesBlack boxes collecting data

    Black boxes, fitted by insurance companies are busy daily, collecting data which shows exactly how British motorists are driving. Billions of miles have been travelled by cars fitted with a telematics device over the last decade and they are gathering data on things like speed, cornering, braking and accelerating. The majority of black boxes are being used by new drivers in a bid to prove that they are sensible behind the wheel, thus reducing their insurance costs.

    “Real driving habits” of British motorists

    This data is being examined and some interesting facts about our driving habits are being recognised.  However, unsurprisingly to some, it has shown that 17-year-old drivers who have just started their driving experience are actually safer than 18 and 19-year-olds who have held their licenses for a bit longer.  These new drivers are are believed to be still getting used to driving and are more cautious, whereas those who are slightly older have had time to gain confidence which is why their driving deteriorates over the age of 18.

    Does this sound familiar? Don’t forget if you think you could do with some refresher Driving Lessons or some Motorway Driving Tuition then please get in touch.  Also is appears that those with a few years of driving experience are the worst speeding offenders, whereas 17-year-olds actually drive at a relatively modest speed.  Black boxes have also supported the myth that women drive more carefully, at lower speeds, and have fewer accidents than men.

    Interestingly, cars that have been involved in accidents have also been reviewed and it was found that a driver’s behaviour leading up to an accident is often erratic from the time they get in the car.  This suggests that in some cases, events before driving, like an argument or being late for an engagement could have a negative effect on their driving which results in them having an accident.

    We all could do with a reality check and a refresher, do get in touch if this is something you think would benefit your driving.

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    Christmas presentSo it’s that time of year again and you’re seeking Christmas gift inspiration for a young friend or family member. You realise that gig tickets and stylish clothes are high on Christmas wish list. However, you’re particularly eager to combine the festive fun with a sense of practicality. Thankfully the considerate Road Masters team have taken the time to come up with some perfect festive suggestions.

    Customise their ride

    We appreciate that the majority of young drivers are restricted to the purchase of cheap and trusty runarounds. However, there is the option of adding personalised numberplate, stylish graphics and toppers for the all important personal touch. You could fill the Christmas stocking with vehicle decorations in the shape of popular cartoon characters or pop stars as a special surprise for the novice driver.

    Car Cleaning Kit

    You may choose to drop a not-so-subtle hint and buy your young friend or family member a complete car cleaning kit this Christmas. They’ll undoubtedly be surprised by the effect of a gentle sponge down and polish. You might even inspire a trend for routine cleaning and maintenance throughout the year.

    Driving Shoes

    It is well known that drivers who opt to wear high heels, sandals and other inappropriate forms of footwear face a far greater risk of crashes. However, some of the leading shoe wear manufacturers have produced practical shoes and boots for enhanced road safety. Why not buy a pair for your favourite learner driver this Christmas?

    Sat Nav

    The traditionally important skill of map reading has seemingly been forgotten by the community of learner drivers. However, there is the option of buying advanced satellite navigation systems to ensure that journeys are quick and hassle-free. You might like to splash out one of the latest models as an ultimately useful Christmas gift.

    Driving Lessons

    If you’re keen for a friend or loved one to stand the best possible chance of passing their driving test first time then it would be worth booking driving lessons with Road Masters. You could arrange 10 hours of expert tuition for the special price of £240 this Christmas. Or perhaps you’d like to make a pass plus course booking for enhanced safety. Your generosity is sure to be appreciated in the months and years to come!

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    Those of you who are in the process of learning to drive will undoubtedly be looking forward to completing the dreaded DVLA tests and ditching your L Plates. You may relish the prospect of increased independence and freedom. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy the experience of unsupervised driving. However, there’s a chance that you’ll develop bad and potentially dangerous habits after gaining your full license. You might even forget some of the motoring basics over time. If you do feel that your motoring knowledge and ability is deteriorating then it would be worth considering the option of refresher driving lessons.

    Pass Plus

    The Pass Plus course is entirely suitable for those of you who feel anxious about different elements of the motoring experience. This intensive course covers the different aspects of motorway and dual carriageway navigation. However, those of you who’ve been driving for a considerable amount of time may prefer the option of relaxed hour-long sessions with a fully trained motoring instructor.

    Refresher Sessions

    You may be assured to hear that the experienced Road Masters instructors have the proven ability to teach motorists of various ages and abilities. We’re quite happy to arrange individual sessions, with a focus on rural or city driving. You might even like to arrange a lesson as a means of gaining improved confidence after an accident.

    The considerate Road Masters team consider it a priority to ascertain the specific requirements of each learner. We will provide the necessary guidance and take the time to address any major concerns. No matter whether you’re looking to update your knowledge of specific road rules or overcome a fear of driving at night; we’re here to help.

    Booking Your Driving Lessons

    If you are interested in finding out about the various refresher courses and lessons then you should go ahead and contact the Road Masters Driving School. We’ll be happy to discuss your concerns and arrange driving lessons in Exeter or Exmouth.