Intensive Driving Lessons

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    For people who NEED a cancellation driving testThe DVSA’s waiting list time in Exeter is currently 8 weeks… can find you a test date sooner for £18.  They will email you the second there are closer dates available give you first refusal!

    One of our recent passes, Nicola, needed to use them as she only had one week left in the UK before emigrating.

    Nicola passed

    If you are in a similar situation or just don’t want to wait, check out

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    Christmas presentSo it’s that time of year again and you’re seeking Christmas gift inspiration for a young friend or family member. You realise that gig tickets and stylish clothes are high on Christmas wish list. However, you’re particularly eager to combine the festive fun with a sense of practicality. Thankfully the considerate Road Masters team have taken the time to come up with some perfect festive suggestions.

    Customise their ride

    We appreciate that the majority of young drivers are restricted to the purchase of cheap and trusty runarounds. However, there is the option of adding personalised numberplate, stylish graphics and toppers for the all important personal touch. You could fill the Christmas stocking with vehicle decorations in the shape of popular cartoon characters or pop stars as a special surprise for the novice driver.

    Car Cleaning Kit

    You may choose to drop a not-so-subtle hint and buy your young friend or family member a complete car cleaning kit this Christmas. They’ll undoubtedly be surprised by the effect of a gentle sponge down and polish. You might even inspire a trend for routine cleaning and maintenance throughout the year.

    Driving Shoes

    It is well known that drivers who opt to wear high heels, sandals and other inappropriate forms of footwear face a far greater risk of crashes. However, some of the leading shoe wear manufacturers have produced practical shoes and boots for enhanced road safety. Why not buy a pair for your favourite learner driver this Christmas?

    Sat Nav

    The traditionally important skill of map reading has seemingly been forgotten by the community of learner drivers. However, there is the option of buying advanced satellite navigation systems to ensure that journeys are quick and hassle-free. You might like to splash out one of the latest models as an ultimately useful Christmas gift.

    Driving Lessons

    If you’re keen for a friend or loved one to stand the best possible chance of passing their driving test first time then it would be worth booking driving lessons with Road Masters. You could arrange 10 hours of expert tuition for the special price of £240 this Christmas. Or perhaps you’d like to make a pass plus course booking for enhanced safety. Your generosity is sure to be appreciated in the months and years to come!

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    Intensive driving lessonsAs a young driver you are probably quite eager to gain your full license in as short a time as possible. You may be looking forward to the increased sense of freedom and independence which can be enjoyed upon successful completion of the DVLA test. It might even be tempting to register for an intensive week-long driving course. However, this decision should only be made upon consideration of the pros and cons outlined in this informative blog.


    Learner drivers who choose to take weekly lessons will take a considerable amount of time to develop the skills necessary for driving test success. The instructors may be required to dedicate some sessions to the reinforcement of specific practical skills. However, the essential details will remain fresh in the mind during intensive driving lessons. The full driving license may be acquired after a week or two of complete concentration.


    It’s worth pointing out that the average learner requires 47 hours of professional instruction and 20 hours of practise before they are ready to take the practical driving test. The combined costs typically exceed £1,000. However, it may be possible to arrange an intensive driving course and test for the seemingly attractive price of £600. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of first time success.


    Some people will be more suited to the rigours of intensive driving lessons than others. Thankfully it is possible to book an assessment lesson to ascertain whether this method of training is right for you. If you have the ability to rapidly process the instructor guidance and deal with a certain amount of pressure then intensive lessons may be deemed appropriate. However, those of you who can relate to Maureen Rees should seriously consider the benefits of weekly lessons!


    If you’re keen to arrange intensive driving lessons in Exeter or Exmouth then it would be worth getting in touch with the Road Masters Driving School. We’ll discuss your individual requirements and arrange the most appropriate intensive course.