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    After you’ve worked so hard to learn how to drive, passed your theory test and passed your practical driving test your first thought probably isn’t ‘let’s go on another course and have another assessment’ but going on the Pass Plus course has its benefits!


    What is Pass Plus?

    Pass Plus is a practical training course that takes at least six hours. It’s for drivers who have already passed their initial driving test and want to improve their skills and drive more safely.

    Only a Pass Plus registered approved driving instructor (ADI) can teach you and you’ll be pleased to know we’re all approved here at Road Masters!

    The Pass Plus course has six modules covering driving:

    • in town
    • in all weathers
    • on rural roads
    • at night
    • on dual carriageways
    • on motorways


    All modules are practical sessions; you’ll normally spend at least five and a half hours driving. There isn’t a test with the Pass Plus course (phew!) but you’ll be assessed throughout the course. To pass you’ll have to reach the required standard in all the modules.


    When can I go on the Pass Plus course?

    Anyone who has passed their practical driving test can go on the Pass Plus course although it’s probably most useful to new drivers in the first year after passing their test.


    Why should I go on a Pass Plus course?

    The main benefit of completing the Pass Plus course is the potential discount offered by car insurance companies. We all know how expensive insurance can be, especially for new drivers, so anything that can be done to reduce the cost is a positive!

    You’ll receive a certificate when you’ve completed the Pass Plus course and car insurance companies will want to see this certificate before giving you a discount.

    Even if you don’t think you’ll be insuring a car straight away after you’ve passed your practical driving test you may be able to put the discount on hold for up to two years. Each insurance company has a different policy, best to check with them direct.


    Please be aware that the amount of discount depends on the insurance company and not all insurers offer Pass Plus discounts. Also, as the Pass Plus course is primarily aimed at new drivers check with your insurance company if you can still get a discount if you passed your practical driving test more than a year ago.


    How much does the Pass Plus course cost?

    Here at Road Masters the full Pass Plus course costs £199. However, if you’ve already passed your initial practical driving test with us the costs is discounted to £175.


    If you’d like to book a Pass Plus course, or would just like more information, please contact us!


    All prices are correct at the time of publishing this Blog.




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    Mr Beere 1935

    16th, March, 1935, Mr, R,E,L,Beere of Kensington, London, proudly shows his wife, certificate number, 0001, the first ever driving certificate after he passed his driving test

    A lot has changed since the driving test was introduced in 1935. The car has become the primary method of transport and the completion of the driving test has been widely acknowledged as a right of passage. Road safety has become a major issue and the DVLA have incorporated elements of theory and hazard perception into the driving test. However, the Institute of Advanced Motorists are keen to overhaul the current system and introduce a variety of brand new training methods for learner drivers.

    Recommended Changes

    The IAM are eager to prepare new drivers for the variety of hazards which may be encountered after the completion of the driving test. They have said that driving instructors should provide night-time and wet weather training. Young drivers could also receive lessons on the safe navigation of poorly maintained roads.

    Road safety would be included as part of the national curriculum if the IAM proposals are given the green light. There would also be a restriction on the number of passengers that young drivers are allowed to travel with after passing the test. These positive steps would undoubtedly be welcomed by concerned parents and emergency service workers across the UK.

    Expert Opinion

    Newly qualified drivers already have the option of taking the Pass Plus course. However, the IAM have said that follow up-training should be mandatory. Motoring charity representative Neil Grieg said ‘The driving test needs to become a much more integrated part of a graduated licensing system that picks up on best practice from around the world.’

    Government spokesperson Jake Berry followed up by saying ‘I think many of our local responsible driving instructors will already be doing a lot of what the IAM is recommending and I would urge people to find a good local driving instructor who will give them the breadth of experience they need to be a good driver.’

    Road Masters Driving Lessons

    Road Masters driving lessons are the ideal choice for people living in Exeter and East Devon. Our instructors provide essential training and adapt effective training methods in accordance with driving test changes. We’ll equip you with the necessary skills for safe and enjoyable driving.

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    New-Years-2015Hip, hip, hooray, it’s 2015! A time for optimism, excitement and the all important New Year’s resolutions. Now you may have the resolve to keep a brand new exercise regime or diet that you’ve been conscientiously avoiding for the past few months. Alternatively you could adopt the driving-related promises highlighted in this encouraging New Year’s blog.

    1. Pass Your Driving Test

      If you’re really keen to gain a greater sense of independence in 2015 then you should learn how to drive. You can make the learning process as smooth and enjoyable as possible by signing up for driving lessons with Road Masters. Master the motoring manoeuvres, learn the theory and look forward to ditching the L plates.

    2. Buy A Car

      There’s a fair chance that you’ll be feeling the financial pinch after taking driving lessons and finally sending off for your full driving license. However, you may be surprised at the availability of cheap and reliable motors advertised via the specialist websites and newspaper classifieds.

    3. Learn About Vehicle Maintenance

      Do you know how to check the tyre pressure or check the engine fluids of your vehicle? If the answer is no then you would be well advised to sign up for a local car maintenance course. The experts will be able to show you the best means of preventing vehicle breakdowns.

    4. Correct Your Bad Habits

      There is very little chance of developing bad habits while under the guidance of the professional Road Masters instructors. However, it’s very easy to slip into bad ways after passing your driving test. You should take a little time to reflect upon the safety of your driving. If there’s cause for concern then you may sign up for a refresher lesson or take your skills to the next level with Pass Plus.

    5. Stay Safe

      Those of you who make the smart option of taking Exeter driving lessons with Road Masters will gain a comprehensive knowledge of road safety. You’ll learn the importance of driving according to the road conditions and respecting fellow road users. These tactics will be essential for your safety in 2015 and beyond!

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    Those of you who are in the process of learning to drive will undoubtedly be looking forward to completing the dreaded DVLA tests and ditching your L Plates. You may relish the prospect of increased independence and freedom. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy the experience of unsupervised driving. However, there’s a chance that you’ll develop bad and potentially dangerous habits after gaining your full license. You might even forget some of the motoring basics over time. If you do feel that your motoring knowledge and ability is deteriorating then it would be worth considering the option of refresher driving lessons.

    Pass Plus

    The Pass Plus course is entirely suitable for those of you who feel anxious about different elements of the motoring experience. This intensive course covers the different aspects of motorway and dual carriageway navigation. However, those of you who’ve been driving for a considerable amount of time may prefer the option of relaxed hour-long sessions with a fully trained motoring instructor.

    Refresher Sessions

    You may be assured to hear that the experienced Road Masters instructors have the proven ability to teach motorists of various ages and abilities. We’re quite happy to arrange individual sessions, with a focus on rural or city driving. You might even like to arrange a lesson as a means of gaining improved confidence after an accident.

    The considerate Road Masters team consider it a priority to ascertain the specific requirements of each learner. We will provide the necessary guidance and take the time to address any major concerns. No matter whether you’re looking to update your knowledge of specific road rules or overcome a fear of driving at night; we’re here to help.

    Booking Your Driving Lessons

    If you are interested in finding out about the various refresher courses and lessons then you should go ahead and contact the Road Masters Driving School. We’ll be happy to discuss your concerns and arrange driving lessons in Exeter or Exmouth.

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    Pass PlusThose of you who are currently training for the DVSA driving test may not be inspired by the thought of taking the Pass Plus exam. You’ll probably be quite keen to ditch your L plates and enjoy the freedom of the open road. However, the Road Masters driving team urge you to consider the variety of Pass Plus benefits outlined in this blog.

    Drivers who’ve taken essential driving lessons with Road Masters are given the option of continued Pass Plus training with Ryan. You can be absolutely confident in his ability to develop your existing range of motoring skills during this intensive training programme.

    You might be surprised by the depth of training during the six Pass Plus lessons. The driving instructor will provide useful information about how to navigate the motorways, town roads and rural lanes. You’ll also be given the opportunity of supervised experience in a variety of scenarios. It is likely that you’ll gain increased confidence during the Pass Plus course.

    You’ll probably be pleased to hear that Pass Plus doesn’t involve an examination. However, your performance will be assessed by the driving instructor. They’ll inform you whether you’ve achieved or exceeded the individual specifications at the end of the day. There is every chance that you’ll pass this course with flying colours.

    The Road Masters Driving School will charge you £175 upon successful completion of the Pass Plus course. However, many of the leading car insurance companies realise the value of this specialist driving scheme. They offer discounts in the knowledge that Pass Plus holders are less likely to be involved in accidents.

    If you’re keen to gain increased confidence and reduce your young driver’s insurance premiums then go ahead and register for Pass Plus training with the Road Masters Driving School!