Should You Take Intensive Driving Lessons?

Intensive driving lessonsAs a young driver you are probably quite eager to gain your full license in as short a time as possible. You may be looking forward to the increased sense of freedom and independence which can be enjoyed upon successful completion of the DVLA test. It might even be tempting to register for an intensive week-long driving course. However, this decision should only be made upon consideration of the pros and cons outlined in this informative blog.


Learner drivers who choose to take weekly lessons will take a considerable amount of time to develop the skills necessary for driving test success. The instructors may be required to dedicate some sessions to the reinforcement of specific practical skills. However, the essential details will remain fresh in the mind during intensive driving lessons. The full driving license may be acquired after a week or two of complete concentration.


It’s worth pointing out that the average learner requires 47 hours of professional instruction and 20 hours of practise before they are ready to take the practical driving test. The combined costs typically exceed £1,000. However, it may be possible to arrange an intensive driving course and test for the seemingly attractive price of £600. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of first time success.


Some people will be more suited to the rigours of intensive driving lessons than others. Thankfully it is possible to book an assessment lesson to ascertain whether this method of training is right for you. If you have the ability to rapidly process the instructor guidance and deal with a certain amount of pressure then intensive lessons may be deemed appropriate. However, those of you who can relate to Maureen Rees should seriously consider the benefits of weekly lessons!


If you’re keen to arrange intensive driving lessons in Exeter or Exmouth then it would be worth getting in touch with the Road Masters Driving School. We’ll discuss your individual requirements and arrange the most appropriate intensive course.