Is It Time To Introduce Graduated Driver Licensing?

Government research has revealed that the number of road deaths has decreased considerably over the last few years. However, the youngest and most inexperienced drivers are still at a relatively high risk of serious accidents. Male motorists aged between 17 and 20 are 10 times as likely to sustain serious injuries or lose their lives as those aged from 40-59. Such statistics have prompted motoring groups such as BRAKE, the road safety charity and the RAC Foundation to demand the introduction of a graduated driver licensing system.

Graduated driverSummary Of Graduated Driver Licensing

The graduated licensing method is seen as an effective means of gradually improving the knowledge and awareness of novice drivers. It involves the legal enforcement of various rules regarding the supervision of learner drivers and the experience which must be acquired before taking the theoretical and practical driving tests. Advocates of the new system also support the imposition of curfews and restriction in the number of passengers that young drivers are allowed to travel with.

Reasons To Introduce The New System

Researchers from the University of Cardiff have claimed that the introduction of the graduated driver licensing method would lead to a considerable drop in the number of serious road injuries and deaths. This claim has been supported by the successful introduction of graduated licensing in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and America. RAC surveys have also revealed that the majority of British motorists would back the enforcement of young driver restrictions.

Driver Safety Advice

Young drivers are bound to see the introduction of graduated driver licensing as a mixed blessing. However, it is surely worth waiting a little longer for complete freedom of the road in return for a significant improvement in motoring safety. In the meantime it would be worth registering for driving lessons in Exeter with the Road Masters Driving School. You can be assured that our professional instructors will provide the necessary guidance to ensure optimum safety behind the wheel!