Overcoming The Fear Of Driving

fear of drivingThe experienced Road Masters instructors are quite used to encountering people with a fear of driving. We instruct people who are fearful of exceeding certain speeds, navigating roundabouts and driving along the motorways. It is usually only a matter of time before the drivers start gaining confidence and forgetting the feelings of anxiety. However, some people have immense difficulty overcoming their worries while behind the wheel.

Reasons For Concern

Joanne Mallon, author of How To Overcome A Fear of Driving, has claimed that the feeling of anxiety is more widespread than many people would imagine. Indeed, a recent survey revealed that one third of Spanish drivers feel worried about the prospect of having to deal with specific driving situations. A major motoring organisation has estimated that 600,000 British people will never regain their driving confidence. There are a number of explanations for this issue. Some people develop anxiety after being involved in accidents. Others are alarmed by the regularity of media reports regarding the variety of on-road risks.

Worrying Symptoms

The fear of driving manifests in different ways. Common symptoms include trembling, fear of losing control and altered perceptions of reality. It is little wonder that so many people opt to ditch their car keys after experiencing such horrible sensations. However, it’s important to remember that there are proven means of re-establishing the feelings of inner confidence and control.

Positive Change

It is really helpful for the driving anxieties to be identified at an early stage. Learners who experience particularly high levels of concern should not be afraid to speak with their instructors. It might be possible to address the issues by speaking calmly and increasing the amount of controlled exposure to certain types of situations.  If the sense of anxiety persists then it may be worth consulting a trained hypnotherapist and learning how to perform relaxation techniques. Drivers who’d like more stress busting information are encouraged to get in touch with the Road Masters Driving School in Exeter!