7 Essential Facts For Learner Drivers

Learner Drivers who have just started driving lessons in Exeter or Exmouth may be a little overwhelmed by the amount of information regarding the rules of the road. You might have trouble remembering the steps that should be taken during specific manoeuvres. You may also be daunted by the prospect of having to prepare for different elements of the theory test. However, the Road Masters team have produced this helpful list of facts for your consideration.

1. Hazard Perception Is Essential

You might believe that the safest drivers are those with impeccable vehicle-handling skills. However, hazard perception is the key skill with regards to safety behind the wheel. It is important to closely monitor the road and identify potentially dangerous situations in advance.

2. Speed Kills

It has been estimated that 300 lives would be saved if all of the UK’s drivers were to reduce their speed by 1mph. You can do your bit by maintaining appropriate speeds when navigating different types of roads.

3. Local Roads Aren’t Necessarily Safe

You may be surprised to hear that a relatively high proportion of accidents happen within five miles of driver’s homes. This may be due to increased relaxation and lack of concentration in familiar areas. Thankfully you can reduce the risks by maintaining focussed until you’ve successfully parked your vehicle.

4. Stalling Doesn’t Always Result In Failure

The driving examiners are aware that novice drivers typically experience high levels of anxiety in test conditions. They allow a certain amount of leeway with regards to minor errors. Stalling when pulling away or completing challenging manoeuvres won’t necessarily result in failure.

5. The Driving Examiner Doesn’t Have Anything Against You

The professional role of the driving examiner would be far less stressful if all of the candidates were fully prepared for the variety of driving challenges. They wouldn’t have to fill in forms detailing the reasons for test failure. However, the examiners have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all road users.

6. You May Be Accompanied By A Friend Or Instructor In The Exam

The vast majority of learner drivers pluck up the courage to take the driving test independently. However, a trusted friend or driving instructor may join you for moral support if so desired. Foreign test takers are entitled to enlist the help of professional translators.

7. 20% Of Drivers Crash Within A Year Of Passing

Novice driver’s typically feel a mixture of relief and excitement upon successful completion of the driving test. However, some are very quick to discard the essential rules and act irresponsibly behind the wheel. They stand a relatively high chance of involvement in serious accidents.