Deciding Whether To Take Your Car To University

car at universityThose of you who’ve made the choice of combining college studies with driving lessons may well be debating whether to take your cars to university. You might be tempted by the thoughts of increased freedom and independence. However, the costs of vehicle insurance and maintenance may seem a little prohibitive. Thankfully the experienced Road Masters instructors have come up with some helpful advice for your consideration.

Return Trips

The idea of escaping your parents may be appealing initially. However, there’s a fair chance that you’ll start missing the home comforts while staying in shared university accommodation. You might be keen to catch up with old friends and fill up on some of your Mum’s delicious home cooked meals. Of course you have the option of returning via public transport. However, there’s no denying the convenience of having your own vehicle.

Policy Premiums

Those of you who are required to pay substantial amounts for course registration and university accommodation may be put off by the high cost of car insurance. However, there are some proven ways of minimising the policy premiums. It’s worth using the price comparison websites to research the latest deals. You might even consider the option of black box insurance.

Car Sharing

There’s a good chance that your university pals will want to accompany you on trips to the local supermarkets and out-of-town attractions. They may well be prepared to offer rounds or financial reimbursement for the costs of petrol. However, you should make it quite clear that you’d rather let your hair down than become the designated driver.

Learning At Uni

Those of you who are keen to gain a head start in the ‘real world’ may consider the option of taking driving lessons while at University. It might even be tempting to take comprehensive driving lessons in Exeter with Road Masters. If you’d like more information about the flexible driving lesson options then please give us a call on 01392 462077.