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    Did you know that driving while dehydrated can be just as dangerous as drink driving?

    Dangers of dehydrationYou wouldn’t drink drive, but what about driving whilst dehydrated? A recent study has found that even mildly dehydrated drivers can make just as many errors as drink drivers.  I’m sure you will find that surprising, just as we did.  If you are dehydrated then you may make mistakes such as lane drifting, late braking, or crossing over a rumble strip.

    The study used driving simulators with a group of men, once when they were sufficiently hydrated and again when they were slightly dehydrated.  It was done to simulate real-world conditions, such as when you’ve had a particularly busy day and were unable to take breaks for drinks.

    This slight dehydration was enough to significantly skewer their driving abilities. They made twice as many mistakes when dehydrated as when hydrated. This sharp spike in errors that could lead to driving accidents matched what Watson observed in his previous studies, when participants used the same simulator after downing 2.5 ounces of vodka.

    Just like alcohol, “mild dehydration has been shown to reduce concentration, slow reaction times, impair memory recall, and produce negative effects on mood,” says Watson. “All of these factors can impact our ability to safely drive a motor vehicle.”

    So don’t forget to…

    Hydrate before you drive and don’t avoid drinking before a long trip to avoid bathroom stops.

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    Lose your driving licence

    Newly qualified drivers will lose their licence if caught using a handheld mobile phone at the wheel, under tougher penalties that come into force in England, Scotland and Wales today (1st Match 2017).

    The government are bringing in these strong deterrants to prevent serious road accidents.  Penalty points and fines for using a phone while driving will double, to six points and £200.

    Drivers can have their licence revoked if they accrue six points within two years of passing their test. Those caught using their mobile twice, or who accrue 12 points on their licence, will face magistrates’ court, disqualification and fines of up to £1,000.

    Mobile phone epidemic: Twenty-two people were killed and 99 seriously injured in road accidents where drivers were using a mobile phone last year in Britain.

    Do not get distracted by your mobile phone while driving

    It may not seem like too much of a distraction, but it only takes a second.  Holding and using your phone at the wheel can cause serious injury and even death to yourself and other road users.  Your reacts are twice as long for drivers who are texting compared with those who have been drinking.

    Everyone has a part to play in encouraging their family and friends not to use their phones while driving – it is as inexcusable as drink driving.

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    Caught using a Mobile Phone

    Drivers caught using handheld mobile phones in Britain are to face “much tougher penalties”, with fines and points doubling. Under new rules expected to be set this year, drivers could face fines of £200 and six penalty points.  Newly qualified drivers could be made to retake their test the first time they are caught.   This comes alongside pressure by ministers calling for motorists who cause death while on a mobile phone to face tougher sentences.

    Neil Greig, RoadSmart director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said he “strongly” supported a mobile phone awareness course as an automatic option for first offenders.

    Caught Speeding

    Drivers responsible for the most serious speeding offences are also set to face harsher penalties under new sentencing guidelines for magistrates.  Fines for motorists caught going well above the speed limit will start from 150% of their weekly income rather than the existing level of 100%.

    Drive carefully and abide by the rules!