Top Winter Driving Tips

winter driving, snow ice coldThere are a wide variety of driving hazards that should be taken into account during the winter months. The roads may be covered in snow or ice, visibility may be significantly reduced and particularly irresponsible drivers may be tempted to take to the wheel after drinking. Those of you who’ve only just started taking driving lessons may be particularly concerned about the risks at this time of year. However, the Road Masters instructors have come up with the following tips to ensure that you are properly prepared.

Spend Less Time On The Road

We appreciate that you’re probably quite keen to take additional driving lessons with experienced friends and family members. However, it’s advisable to avoid the roads during particularly bad weather spells. If you’re in any doubt then it would be worth listening to the road traffic reports and practicing in quiet residential areas.

Maintain A Safe Distance

The Road Masters instructors will highlight the importance of maintaining reasonable speeds and risks of tailgating during driving lessons in Exeter and Exmouth. The advice is particularly pertinent during the winter months, given the effect that water, ice and snow will have upon stopping distances. Extra care should be taken, both for your safety and that of other road users.

Ensure Complete Visibility

A large number of crashes could be avoided if drivers took the necessary steps to ensure complete visibility when bad weather strikes. It is absolutely imperative that you remove ice, snow and mist from all of your car windows before driving. You should also fit new windscreen wipers every 6-12 months and top up the washing fluids with anti-freeze when necessary.

Perform Routine Maintenance Tasks

If you want to minimise the risk of winter breakdowns then it is essential to carry out comprehensive car maintenance. You should replace old car batteries, maintain the appropriate tyre pressure and make sure that your car lights are functioning properly. If you’d like further winter driving guidance then please go ahead and contact the knowledgeable Road Masters team.