Mock Driving Test

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    Regular readers of the Road Masters blog will appreciate that there are a wide range of factors that contribute to driving test success. Novice drivers may develop the essential practical skills during driving lessons in Exmouth and Exeter.  However, learner drivers who are keen to develop a thorough understanding of motoring should also take a look at the resources outlined in this blog.

    Learner Drivers Highway CodeThe Highway Code

    The Highway Code was published in 1931 as an essential guide to the rules of the road. It has been updated in accordance with changes in road management and vehicle innovation. The current edition contains 307 rules pertaining to the behaviour of different road users. Students are encouraged to consult the text on a regular basis in preparation for the practical and theory tests.

    Government Services

    Learner drivers can find a wealth of useful information on the National Government website. There are detailed sections on the benefits of the Pass Plus scheme and the costs of various motoring examinations. It is even possible to book official DVSA tests via this website.

    Mock Test

    Learner drivers are encouraged to access the Safe Driving For Life website and answer the randomly generated mock questions. It’s worth taking the online test on a number of occasions in order to ascertain your knowledge of different motoring topics.

    Deadly Mates

    There are a wide variety of websites which address the subject of road safety. However, Deadly Mates is targeted specifically at the community of young road users. It alerts teenagers to the potential dangers of irresponsible driving.

    Road Masters

    Ok, so this may be a shameless act of self-promotion. However, we firmly believe the Road Masters driving school is the best in Exeter. Prospective drivers are encouraged to read the information on our website and then book driving lessons with Ryan.