Learning To Drive With Parents & Friends

As a learner driver you might well be wondering about the sense of learning to drive under the supervision of friends and family members. You might even ask your parents in the hope of gaining increased confidence and minimising the amount of money spent on driving lessons. However, you should account for the emotional strain that may be experienced during these driving sessions. It is worth considering the following points before hopping in to the car with your nearest and dearest.

Stressful Situations

You might be interested to hear that one of the leading insurance providers interviewed over a thousand parents and learner drivers about supervised driving sessions in 2013. Over half of the fully qualified adult drivers said that the experience had made them feel nervous. They worried about the prospect of passing on bad habits and having arguments. The young students also admitted to feeling anxious while under the guidance of their parents.

Points of Concern

It seems that the driving fears are primarily based on ‘what if’ scenarios. Parents and students worry that previously positive relationships might deteriorate as a result of motoring arguments. They also feel anxious about the potential impact of driving accidents. Of course there are some benefits to be taken into consideration. The novice students can save money and practice essential motoring manoeuvres while under the supervision of friends and family. However, there is no substitute for the guidance of a fully trained driving instructor.

Professional Advice on Learning to Drive

It is important for parents and students to discuss the pros and cons of supervised driving. However, any decision should account for the benefits of professional instruction. If you want to stand the best chance of driving test success then you should register for driving lessons in Exeter or Exmouth with the Road Masters driving school.