Summer Safety Tips For Learner Drivers

So, we’re only a few weeks away from the official start of summer. You might be looking forward to daytime beach visits and barbecues under the summer sun. If you’re in the process of learning to drive then you might be excited about the prospect of ditching your L plates and heading out on summer road trips with your friends. However, it is absolutely essential that you follow the summer safety tips outlined in this helpful blog.

Take Precautions In Case Of Hayfever

You might not think that the symptoms of hayfever will impair your driving ability. However, a simple sneeze could cause you to lose concentration at an inopportune moment. Thankfully you have the option of taking hayfever medicine to minimise the negative effects. It may also be worth fitting pollen air filters and investing in protective sunglasses.

Perform Essential Vehicle Maintenance

The Road Masters driving instructors will highlight the importance of vehicle maintenance during driving lessons in Exeter and Exmouth. It would be sensible to heed the advice and schedule routine checks during the summer. You should pay particular attention to the tyre pressure and fluid levels of your vehicle.

Consider The Road Hazards

Loose chippings are sometimes applied in an attempt to maintain the condition of the road and minimise the risk of skidding. However, it is important that you keep to the recommended speed limits and drive a good distance from other motorists to limit the chance of damages. You should take particular care when driving in close proximity of farm vehicles.

Prepare For Summer Breakdowns

If you follow the tips outlined in this article then there’s every chance that you’ll enjoy a hassle-free motoring experience this summer. However, it is worth taking precautions in case of unexpected breakdowns. You should keep a first aid kit and supplies in your vehicle at all times. It would also be advisable to register with a roadside assistance company.