Should Driving Lessons Be Taught At School?

A number of motoring and safety groups have advocated the inclusion of motoring lessons as part of the school curriculum. They’ve claimed that it is particularly important to teach impressionable youngsters about the importance of road safety. It has also been suggested that college students should be taught about the significant repercussions of acting irresponsibly while behind the wheel. Experts from the Road Masters Exeter driving school support the educational suggestions for the reasons highlighted in this blog.

Teaching Essential Life Lessons

There are some doubts about the wisdom of allowing the youngest school children to gain first hand driving experience. However, there is definite sense in teaching the most basic rules of the road. Primary school students may develop increased confidence and general awareness while learning the Green Cross Code. They may also enjoy the benefit of safe cycling tuition.

Motoring Education

The Devon & Cornwall police recently released a report highlighting the importance of young driver education. It revealed that there have been 300 road accidents involving drivers aged between 17-24 since the turn of 2014. It is an unfortunate fact that these kind of accidents are often preventable. Some crashes happen as a consequence of speeding. Others occur because of the driver’s failure to maintain concentration.

There is an opportunity for respected community members to teach high school and college students about the wide variety of motoring dangers. The police could hold educational discussions about the risks of driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Teachers could also develop means of educating the next generation of drivers.

Expert Motoring Tuition

Of course there is a limit to the amount of motoring knowledge that can be acquired in the school classroom. It is also important for the professional driving instructors to develop strategies for improved road safety. Young residents living in the South West of England can learn the most appropriate safety optimisation under the guidance of qualified instructors from the Road Masters Driving School.