A driving test for the 21st century

gov driving testBack in November 2015 the government launched a consultation of new proposals to improve the driving test. If these proposals go ahead it could be the biggest shake up of the driving test in over 10 years.  The proposals include a ‘cashback’ incentive which will introduce deposit system where it will be returned to the driver if they pass.  This is thought to encourage learner drivers to take their test when they are ready as currently only 21% of driving tests result in a first time pass.

Reduced driving test fee

Under the new proposals the driving test fee would be reduced by requiring learner drivers to pay a deposit when they take their test, which they get back if they pass.  It will be an incentive to be prepared for the test and hopefully increase the pass rate.  Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said, “We want to make learning to drive safer and more affordable”.  Steve Gooding director of the RAC Foundation said “We support measures that will encourage learner drivers to get the experience they need to pass their test first time with flying colours, rather than barely scraping through or failing and having to repeat the process a few months down the road at yet more expense.”

Improving road safety and increasing efficiency

The consultation also sets out proposals to:

  • introduce more driving test appointment times, including weekends and evenings
  • offer tests from a range of venues
  • review fees for all services provided by motoring agencies
  • change providers for some services
  • combine services at motoring agencies

Information taken from Gov.uk article – www.gov.uk/government/news/a-driving-test-fit-for-the-21st-century