The Hazards Of Driving

pedestrian crossing hazardAs a learner driver you may be particularly worried about the great variety of driving hazards. You might be concerned at the prospect of encountering pedestrians who show little regard for the basic rules of road safety. You may also be daunted by the hazard perception element of the driving test. However, you can prepare for the unexpected by reading this informative blog.

Professional Guidance

You will undoubtedly encounter a number of motoring hazards during driving lessons in Exeter and Exmouth. However, safety will be guaranteed as the Road Masters vehicles are fitted with dual controls. The instructors will also ensure that you maintain appropriate speeds to minimise the prospect of accidents. They’ll highlight the importance of remaining focussed on the immediate road environment at all times.

Hazards of Driving and Potential Dangers

There will be some variation in the types of hazards that are encountered in different areas. You may have to navigate blind corners and avoid potholes when driving along rural roads. However, fast motorists may pose a potential danger on the motorways and dual carriageways. It is absolutely essential that you gain experience of the various scenarios in preparation for the driving test.

Hazard Perception

You will be required to take the computer-based hazard perception test after answering multiple choice questions in the DVLA examination. It will be necessary to watch a series of 14 videos and identify the different types of static and developing hazards. There’ll be a period of 15 seconds which should be used to survey the motoring scene. A maximum of 5 points will be rewarded for the rapid identification of potential dangers. However, motorists who remain calm and completely focussed will stand the best chance of passing the hazard perception test.

Keeping You Safe

Those of you who are keen to find out more about the different types of hazards and the specific details of the theory exam should speak with the Road Masters instructors. We’ll take the time to address your concerns and ensure that you develop a comprehensive knowledge of road safety.