Top Tips For Theory Test Success

Theory testThe dedicated team of Road Masters instructors are well aware of the importance of driving theory. We take the time to detail the different types of road signs, address essential motoring etiquette and highlight the best means hazard identification during driving lessons in Exeter and Exmouth. However, we also appreciate that there is a potential for slip-ups during the intensive theory test. That’s why we’ve created this ultimately useful list of theory test tips.

Arrange Your Test

If you’ve managed to master the basics of driving then it would be worth having a word with your instructor about the theory test. If they feel that you’ve progressed to an appropriate level then you should make a local test booking via the government website. You should leave a fair amount of time for comprehensive revision.

Read The Essential Texts

There is a wealth of freely available theory test information online. However, if you want to stand the best chance of passing first time around then it would be sensible to read approved texts such as the Theory Test Handbook and Highway Code. You could ask the driving instructor or a trusted friend to test your knowledge and identify any areas for improvement.

Utilise Technology

There are plenty of smartphone and tablet theory test apps that can be downloaded and accessed on an everyday basis. It would be worth reading the user reviews in the selection of particularly helpful technology. You might even be tempted to purchase computer software for assistance with hazard perception.

Take Practise Exams

You are encouraged to take a number of mock tests on the Safe Driving For Life website. This will give you the opportunity to monitor your progress and find out which questions pose the greatest challenge. If you really struggle then it might be best to reschedule the test and spend more time studying.

Use Your Time Wisely

There’s a good chance that you’ll be feeling extremely anxious on the day of your theory test. However, you can minimise the stress by preparing and leaving for the examination centre with plenty of time to spare. It’s also advisable to begin with the questions that you’re most confident of and leave plenty of time for reviewing the multiple choice paper. Compose yourself for the hazard perception test and don’t make the mistake of clicking excessively.

Ask An Expert

We sincerely hope that the theory test tips outlined in this blog are of considerable assistance. However, if you require further details or assurances regarding the theory test then it would be worth having a chat with your Road Masters driving instructor.