Funny Driving Lesson Stories

The life of the driving instructor is one of variety, interest and relatively high risk. We meet fascinating characters from different walks of life and enjoy the satisfaction of imparting essential road safety information on a daily basis. However, those of you who’ve watched programmes such as the Dangerous’ Drivers School will appreciate that one-on-one lessons are often frantic and stressful.


Driving examiners are advised to explore the test routes before handing control over to the anxious learner drivers. However, one experienced experienced examiner failed to heed the advice. Without access to a road map or sat-nav he inevitably lost his bearings during the driving test. He was forced to cancel the test and order a return taxi for the bemused learner.

Using The Mirrors

As driving instructors we are aware of the need to reinforce the positive. One reformed boy-racer was praised on the use of mirrors during his lesson. He said that he was aware of the need to keep a look-out for trailing police cars. The conscientious attitude paid off and he went on to pass the driving test without a single minor error.

Too Close For Comfort

One of the most skilled learner drivers took his test in a cramped Daewoo Matiz. He found that he was brushing the examiner’s leg when changing to second gear. Worried about the prospect of a hot and steamy test, the learner opted to stick to the other gears. The oblivious examiner was obviously quite impressed and the student passed his test.


One young woman feared the worst after an error strewn driving test back in the 1980s. In a final attempt to convince the examiner she lifted her top and revealed her prize assets. The self-confidence paid off and she was deemed to have passed the test.

Do you have any Funny Driving Stories?

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