Structured driving lessons

Joe W passedThroughout a course of structured driving lessons, training is structured to meet the needs of individual learners, everyone is different and learns at their own pace.  Extra driving time with family or friends can speed up this learning by gaining confidence and knowledge of the road. Where one pupil may excel at certain driving tasks and perhaps struggle with others, other learners will struggle in completely different areas, and excel at different things.

As lessons continue and move forward, the structure of each one will be tailored around each learner’s changing level of ability, knowledge and skill.

What to expect at your driving lesson

  • Recap of previous driving lesson
  • Brief plan of action for forthcoming driving lesson
  • Driving to a relevant location for lesson, if required
  • Discussion of aims and objectives for the lesson
  • Driving practice on current skill, e.g. roundabouts, parking or pedestrian crossings etc
  • Drive home incorporating a route that allows extra practice of skill
  • Lesson recap & planning and scheduling next lesson

Remember that learning and improvement involves effort from both the instructor and from yourself!

What will be included in my structured driving lessons?

  • Controls
  • Moving off and stopping
  • Mirror use
  • Use of signals
  • Turning left
  • Turning right
  • Emerging at T- Junctions
  • Crossroads
  • Roundabouts
  • Traffic lights and pedestrian crossings
  • Judgement – meet/cross/overtake other traffic
  • Progress/hesitancy/adequate clearance
  • Driving at higher speeds
  • Awareness/planning/anticipation
  • Driving manoeuvres
  • Emergency stop
  • Show Me/Tell Me
  • Mock driving tests
  • Driving test preparation

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