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    Learner drivers on motorwaysAs of yesterday (4th June 2018) learner drivers of cars in England, Scotland and Wales can now drive on a motorway with an approved driving instructor!

    Here at Road Masters we’re based right next to the M5 so rest assured we’ll be taking advantage of the new rules to make sure that all of our learner drivers know how to use motorways safely. All of our students will be given motorway driving lessons prior to their test, although motorway driving itself doesn’t form part of the test.

    This won’t be tackled on lesson 1 though … it’ll be up to our fully qualified driving instructors to decide when our learner drivers are competent enough to drive on the motorway. Safety is always our priority and all lessons will be in our dual control vehicles.

    There are lots of different elements to driving on the motorway, learner drivers will now gain experience of:

    • joining and leaving the motorway
    • overtaking and using the lanes correctly
    • driving at higher speeds
    • motorway specific signs

    During the motorway lessons they’ll also be time to talk about the more practical parts of driving on a motorway, like what to do if you break down!

    Ultimately these changes will prepare drivers for a lifetime of safe driving and give them a broader experience before taking their test. Driving on the motorway forms a large part of daily life for many drivers and it can be a daunting thing if you’re inexperienced so these changes will help to improve confidence and understanding before drivers take their test.


    Is there anything other road users can do to help?

    If you see a learner driver on the motorway, as with any vehicle on the motorway, please keep a safe distance from them and increase the gap even further in wet, icy or foggy conditions.

    Also, (this goes for all learner drivers on any roads) please be patient, we were all learner drivers once! While drivers are learning they may not be as skilful in anticipating and responding to different road events.


    If you’ve already passed your driving test but don’t feel confident driving on a motorway we can help! As well as taking advantage of these new rules for learner drivers we can offer motorway specific driving lessons for drivers who have already passed their test.

    Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about our lessons and how we can get you motorway-ready!

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    Are you thinking of learning to drive?

    Before you can hop into your first car there are a few things you will need to do.  You will need to get your provisional licence, you can apply for this through the DVLA 3 months before your 17th birthday.

    Are you old enough to drive?

    The minimum ages for driving on British roads are:

    • 16 for mopeds
    • 17 for tractors, small vehicles (most cars) and motorbikes
    • 21 for medium/large sized vehicles, minibuses and buses
    Find a driving instructor

    Next, you will need to find a driving instructor. You can get anyone that is over 21 to teach you to drive, such as a parent or other family member, but the majority of the time they won’t have the confidence, experience or training to do it satisfactorily.

    Learning to drive a car - Learner platesLearner Plates

    You will also have to display L plates (L or D plates in Wales) on the front and back of the car you are learning to drive in.  It is illegal not to do this.

    Learn at 16

    You might be lucky enough to have the chance with your driving instructor to drive on an off-road mock road circuit is provided including all typical features of basic road formats, such as junctions, crossroads, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings on a variety of gradients. You could get to grips with basic car control without the worry of real traffic around before you turn 17.