A Sat Nav Examiner?!

sat nav examinerHow many of you use a Sat Nav or a phone app to get to your destination?  It might be a very useful gadget, helping you arrive at your important engagement but isn’t it distracting?!  Learning to use a Sat Nav safely is becoming a really important skill in driving.  Then, including it in the driving exam seems a good idea?

How would a Sat Nav Examiner work?

For around 20 minutes of the driving test you will be asked to follow directions given to you from a Sat Nav.  This is being done to make the test more realistic.  The Sat Nav will be provided and the examiner will always be ready to step in and direct should the Sat Nav have any problems.

Why would the DVSA introduce the Sat Nav?

Sat Navs are now being commonly used so the DVSA have said that it would better replicate a normal driving situation.  The learner would be tested on their ability to familiarise themselves with the potential distractions of using a Sat Nav.  It would also give the learner more responsibility to make their own decisions.

Struggle to follow a Sat Nav

The learner driver will not be tested on their ability to follow a Sat Nav but their standard of driving whilst doing so.  It will not matter if the learner driver deviates from the route recommended on the Sat Nav.